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We are an experienced private lending group that offers competitive loans for those seeking alternative and fast solutions, when traditional lending sources are not accessible or suitable. Our main goal is to know our borrowers, build relationships and meet their needs and desires while providing a transparent, efficient, easy and professional loan service.

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Why choose us?

Transparency and Trust

It is crucial for us to provide a transparent and trustworthy service. 

Convenient and  Flexible

Each loan is unique. Together we will work on a customized plan in order to come up with an agreeable plan for both parties.

Loan to Value

We focus on the value of the property and use it as collateral.

Easy and Fast

Approval Process

You will not be burdened with lots of requirements.​ After submitting the required paperwork, the loan could be approved in just a couple of days.

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For any inquiries, please call or email us:

+ 1 (781) 354.8499   


+ 1 (786) 280.9669 


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7300 Biscayne Blvd #200,

Miami, FL 33138, USA


Contact Us

7300 Biscayne Blvd #200,

Miami, FL 33138, USA 



+1 (781) 354.8499


+1 (786) 280.9669 


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